Revealu Business now available!

After months of testing and development we are happy to announce that Revealu Business is now generally available! So, what is included in Revealu Business and how did it come around?

We began coining with the idea after our win at the Global Legal Hackathon. We thought that with the steady increase in the number of Data Subject requests every year there must be a tool available that makes it easy to administer them all. Therefore, we spent the summer of 2018 talking with companies in different sectors, trying to understand how they handle requests now and what their plans are for the future.

Our Personal tool also helped us understand that only a fraction of businesses are actually capable of answering requests on time, as our data shows that only about 30% managed to do so within the legal timeframe.

Revealu Business helps companies answer requests, manage internal workflows and comply with the regulation. It makes it extremely simple for businesses to create a Customer Portal, where their customers can easily send requests. The Portal can be customized, white-labeled and can reduce administrative overhead with automatic e-mail and phone number validation. 

Companies can communicate with the data subjects securely via the Revealu Messenger. Revealu Business clients can rest assured that all messages and files  uploaded to Revealu are encrypted via secure keys. 

A good workflow is essential to answering requests on time, therefore Revealu Business includes a comprehensive task manager, where stakeholders can collaborate on collecting the necessary data to answer a request. Revealu Business will also send notifications and reminders, so no deadline will be missed. 

As most companies already have some kind of records about previous requests, we have made the Import functionality as simple as possible, so businesses can easily move into Revealu’s new, secure, online interface for handling requests.

We are really proud of our new service and invite you to give it a try! You can sign up in a couple of minutes and take a tour of the software with a 14 day free trial. 

Click here to start your free trial!

In the next months we will be working hard on adding new features such as data visualization and a complete API so companies can fully automate the answer process. Stay tuned for more.