The new standard in transparency.

Use regulation to your advantage with Revealu – 

showcase transparency, security and handle requests in a breeze. 

Customer Portal

Create your own Data Subject Access Portal.

By having a portal easily available to your users, you will be able to handle requests more securely and seamlessly in our environment. 

You can even customize your portal to include your brand and colors, as well as enable automatic e-mail verification and custom fields. This speeds up your verification process and makes requesting information a breeze for your customers. 

Intelligent Dashboard

Shows you all the relevant information.

You can quickly glance at your current tasks and administer requests in a couple of clicks. 

Forget using an Excel sheet to track the progress of a request, or long message chains trying to get IT to provide some customer data. Put our solution to work and create your perfect workflow. 

Multiple administrators
& task management

Super-simple collaboration inside your company.

Add your colleagues to your company and you’ll be able to assign requests to them. 

Our system will automatically create a task – or a to-do – and notify the assignee of their new job. A request will always have someone assigned and we’ll make sure to notify the assignee when they are running late with answering the request. 

Statistics and insights​

Have an overview of your company's requests and customers.

Our growing list of reports and statistics makes it easy to have an overview of your company’s requests. Understand your users: 

  • from which region do you receive most of the requests?
  • has there been a recent spike in request count? 
  • what kind of requests do you usually receive? 
You can get answers to these questions and many more with-our built-in Statistics functionality.

Import and export
data easily

Import your existing requests into Revealu.

Do you already have a spreadsheet of your requests? Worry not, you can easily import your existing requests into Revealu Business. Just match your columns, click import and all of your requests will have a new home in the system. 

Should you need to show how you’ve handled requests, our solution makes it easy to export all correspondence in .csv or .json formats.  

Are you ready to supercharge
your compliance efforts with Revealu?